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Football cards - team websites
Site Nigel's comments
Arsenal Michael's evolving tribute to his favourite club through cards and stickers
Aston Villa Terry's super shiny, clean football card website devoted to his favourite team. A real joy!
Burnley A very interesting site of many things Burnley, including football cards and badges, but also much more.
The Huddersfield Town Collection Roger Pashby's excellent site.
Liverpool F. C. Legends Collection Matt's showroom for his Liverpool FC trading card, sticker and figurine collection.
West Bromwich Albion Albion Till We Die - a very neat, professional and comprehensive site, very nice
West Ham United memorabilia An awesome site. I've linked through to his Memorabilia page (including football trade cards), but there is so much more.

Football cards and social history - related websites
Site Nigel's comments
An Old International An interesting blog from Christoph Wagner covering English, German and French football history. A U.S. sports cards price website with, apparently, over 14,000 soccer cards valued.
Card Hawk UK Nigel's site specialising in vintage cigarette cards, trade cards, ephemera and supplier
DJ Sports Cards A U.S. sports cards website run by Shawn Johnson which includes some football (soccer) cards.
Football Cards Direct Football Cards and Stickers including Topps Match Attax, Panini, Adrenalyn XL and much more.
Football Stickershop.Com Football stickers and cards from, among others, Match Attax, Adrenalyn XL and also cards from outside the UK. Mainly Spain, France, Italy and Germany plus many more
Football Cards Forum A football card trading discussion forum, covering all years (particularly current and recent), but with possibilities for older cards and stickers.
Football Cards UK A website which sell cards and provides information for collectors.
Football Cartophilic Info Exchange A blog for rare and unusual football cards, mostly from the U.K., though there are also a few from a variety of countries around the world.
Kai's football cards A Norwegian collector whose site is particularly useful for A&BC Chewing Gum Scottish checklists
Old football games Lots of old football games
Philip Neill Graphics Philip has been a cartoonist, caricature artist, illustrator and publisher of collectable trade cards for over 25 years. This is his website, including his many collectable football card sets.
Past Heroes Website offering the opportunity to obtain a personally signed memento (football card?) from your 'past hero'. Includes a number of footballers from the era covered by Nigel's Webspace.
Retro Football Stickers A site which sells albums and stickers, mainly Panini. Lots of good galleries too.
Soccer Card Index Checklists, particularly for cards after 1980.
The Football Attic A blog 'dedicated to the enshrinement of all that's great about The Beautiful Game from an era that's destined never to return'. Site now defunct, but still has old articles.
The Topps Archives A brilliant blog-style site featuring Topps Chewing Gum cards, history and stories. The U.S. are mad about their cards, so it makes for great reading.
Ultimate Top Trumps A site which features Top Trumps cards including many of the football sets.
Vintage Football Card Gallery Not English, but U.S. football. Nonetheless a very interesting and comprehensive site.
General football team and player information and statistics (not directly related to football cards)
Site Nigel's comments
Boleyn Badges A collection of football badges, many of them with Hammers.
Neil Brown's player's database Simply the best site for individual club player records.
Everton results Amazingly comprehensive site for Everton data.
Historical football kits An amazing and really useful historical site to see how club kits have changed over time. Often useful for dating sets and cards.
Liverpool FC opposition players Another amazing website where you can look at the records of all players who have ever played against Liverpool FC. Unbelievable amounts of data!
MyFootballFacts Oodles and oodles of facts and statistics.
Greens on Screen (Plymouth Arygle) Brilliant player statistics for the Pilgrims.
Sports Records Follow the links to see the teams for each English club from 1959/60 onwards - awesome!
When Saturday Comes The website for the magazine, which once reviewed this little website.
Where are they now? Fantastic nostalgia site, based on the original book but now on-line and regularly updated.