Issue no. Date Main article(s)
Issue 35 March 2015

Focusses on the FKS Publishers 1970/71 Wonderful World of Soccer Stars album and stickers. 562K pdf file

Issue 34 January 2015

Includes Dubreq Top Trumps and Golden Wonder. 600K pdf file

Issue 33 November 2014

Includes Monty Gum, Sun Soccerstamps and an A&BC Chewing Gum football film strip mystery. 905K pdf file

Issue 32September 2014

Includes Panini Mexico 70 set details, focussing on the Italian version. 701K pdf file

Issue 31July 2014

Esso 1970 World Cup record with Brian Moore. 716K pdf file

Issue 30May 2014

Includes David Fussell's excellent story about collecting Esso 1970 World Cup coins. 1,772K pdf file

Issue 29March 2014

Includes Frank Conway story link, A&BC Chewing Gum letter, Cadbury round stickers and Lyons Maid cards. 589K pdf file

Issue 28January 2014

Includes A&BC Chewing and the Master Vending Company. 667K pdf file

Issue 27November 2013

Includes BAB and Northern Trancessories shop displays. 735K pdf file

Issue 26September 2013

Includes A&BC Chewing Gum retailer competition, Coffer postcards, posters and miniatures, A&BC stamp album, Goal Crisps checklists and Typhoo plaques. 1,166K pdf file

Issue 25July 2013

Includes A&BC World Cup stamps, All Sports album, Wizard comic free gifts and much more. 596K pdf file

Issue 24May 2013

Includes newly documented Northern Trancessories stickers, further consideration of BAB stickers, and Tower Press Series 2 transfers. 704K pdf file

Issue 23March 2013

Includes Topps medals, Love Heart medals, overpainted stickers and the Roy Race Football Club Badges mystery (solved via an update published 03/03/2013). 876K pdf file

Issue 22January 2013

Includes Cadbury mystery stickers (solved via an update published 03/01/2013), FKS Second Division Team Sheets and recent ebay sales. 883K pdf file

Issue 21November 2012

Includes A&BC Scottish printer's proofs, Kellogg's poster and recent ebay sales. 747K pdf file

Issue 20September 2012

Includes A&BC Scottish printer's proofs, and Pepys football cards. 700K pdf file

Issue 19July 2012

A special edition Newsletter attempting to identify which A&BC Chewing Gum wrappers go with which football card sets. 713K pdf file

Issue 18July 2012

Includes FKS bankrupt, A&BC shop posters, Letraset and Topps rack packs. 619K pdf file

Issue 17May 2012

Includes U.S. soccer cards, Topps 'cello' packs and football card websites. 494K pdf file

Issue 16March 2012

Includes BAB and Northern Trancessories, Anglo Bubble Gum Football Hints and more on A&BC Chewing Gum Hobby Cards. 796K pdf file

Issue 15January 2012

Includes A&BC Chewing Gum Hobby Cards, FKS Wonderful World of Soccer Stars sample packets and much more. 940K pdf file

Issue 14November 2011

Includes Got, Not Got, BAB rosettes, A&BC Chewing Gum legal history and another Lyons Maid error card. 652K pdf file

Issue 13September 2011

Includes FKS Publishers bronze medallions, printing of the 1968/69 WWOS album, and a Lyons Maid error card. 895K pdf file

Issue 12July 2011

Includes Topps, Top Sellers, Panini and many interesting A&BC Chewing Gum set prices. 930K pdf file

Issue 11May 2011

Includes Panini Mexico 70 album cover versions, and A&BC and FKS packing notes. 620K pdf file

Issue 10March 2011

Includes Hyder Jawad's article on A&BC Chewing Gum, based on his talks with Douglas Coakley. 790K pdf file

Issue 9January 2011

Includes Transimage, A&BC Chewing Gum and Topps similarities, South African football cards, and Scottish A&BC variants. 942K pdf file

Issue 8November 2010

Includes Northern Transcessories and BAB shop displays, and questions about Panini and Esso. 983K pdf file

Issue 7September 2010

Includes A&BC Chewing Gum legal case, Topps Chewing Gum and FKS/FHER. 821K pdf file

Issue 6July 2010

Includes BAB stickers, A&BC pennant bags, and FKS counter boxes. 890K pdf file

Issue 5May 2010

Includes A&BC items, Sugosa, Typhoo, Master Vending and Barry's story. 818K pdf file

Issue 4March 2010

Includes mystery items and Mark's 'My story'. 920K pdf file

Issue 3January 2010

Includes A&BC Chewing Gum trade promotion poster and Kjell Ċvendal's boyhood collecting story. 759K pdf file

Issue 2November 2009

Includes Adrian Dale's 'My story'. 568K pdf file

Issue 1September 2009

First edition, includes focus on Dubreq cards. 386K pdf file