All-Britain team - standup footballers

Football Star gave away sheets of six stand-up footballers with Issues 1 and 2 (15 and 22 September 1973). These figures may still be available as either individual cards or, more rarely, as an uncut sheet. The player cards each had Height, Weight, Age and First Cap headings on their backs, ready for you to fill in the details.

Many thanks to Martin and Alan who provided the images for these two sheets.

Number in set: 32
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Super Strikers

Following on from the giveaway of the standup footballers Football Star printed a high colour page with two images of strikers in hexagons. The ideas was that you collected two of these each week for nine weeks, giving you 18 Super Strikers. There was a round poster which looks like a football with 18 spaces, so the idea was to stick your hexagons onto the poster.

I'm not sure whether these Super Strikers were issued with Issue 3 onwards, in which case they would have just managed to issue them all before the magazine folded after Issue 11.

Many thanks to Martin who provided the image below.

Number in set: 18
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