Ace Sporting Aces
World Cup Aces

A set of 32 playing cards where Bobby Charlton purportedly selects his all-time world cup greats. The full set comes in a plastic case with a cover card and the rules on the reverse. The cards are 'numbered' from A to H, and 1 to 4. The set is described as 'The Trump Game for Collectors'. This set was 'Made in Western Germany'.
Number in set: 32
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Football Special 1977/78

The first of two new sets from this mysterious company. The 1977/78 stickers are much rarer than the 1978/79 set. The album cover has a logo and the name 'Ava Americana - Series'. The set includes 15 players for each of the 22 Division One teams, plus one player from each of the 22 Division Two teams. The last 16 stickers are of International Football Stars.

In order to complete your set you could order pictures from:

Football Special
Americana Picture Service
Kings Avenue House
New Malden, Surrey.

The album was originally priced at 20p, but made available at a special introductory price of 5p. It was printed in Italy.

Number in set: 368
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Football Action

A set of 50 cards depicting action from English and Scottish games, plus international matches. As with the previous year's issue, there was a Wall Chart to display your set of sweet cigarette cards.

Number in set: 50
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FKS Publishers
Soccer Stars 1977-78

An expanded collection with players from 28 different teams. The player name and sticker numbers are printed on the front of the stickers, with the reverse blank (another FKS innovation which only lasted one year). It appears that you no longer applied the adhesive only at the top, which appears a bit foolish since you would cover the biography in the album. The album was priced at 20p, but reduced to 10p as a 'Jubilee Offer'. Album: Price 20p.

Number in set: 400
Packet: 6 stickers
Gallery: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Bolton Wanderers, Bristol City, Chelsea, Coventry City, Derby County, Everton, Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Leicester City, Liverpool, Luton Town, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Notts County, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham, Wolverhampton Wanderers.
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Soccer Stars Trump Cards, Series One

A set of 32 cards for a game, plus a Rules card.

Number in set: 32
Gallery: Series One set gallery

Soccer Stars Trump Cards, Series Two

A set of 32 cards for a game, plus a Rules card.

Number in set: 32
Gallery: N/A

Golden Wonder
Soccer All Stars

A set of 24 cards of Britain's top soccer stars, given away in crisp packets. The album records © Golden Wonder, July 1977, First Issue. The backs of this set and the later World Cup All Stars are very similar and it is easy to confuse the two sets.

Number in set: 24
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World Cup All Stars

A set of 36 cards, depicting World Cup footballers. The cards and the album illustration were by Doug Harker, a man who is still into sports illustrating. The illustrations are very attractive, making this a good set to collect. The cards could be glued into the album, with the first issue of the album dated May 1978.

Number in set: 36
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IPC / Fleetway
Soccer Sensations

Soccer Sensations - A Shoot booklet. This set 'featuring star players, managers, clubs and competitions' continued the successful run, though Shoot has reverted to its single name, dropping the Goal association. Again, most of the pictures and pages are black and white. The booklet was part of the Shoot/Goal magazine dated 17 September 1977.

Number in set: 135

Kentalong Limited
K Soccer!

K Soccer, also known as the Kentalong Football Card Game, was produced in 1978 by Kentalong Limited of Osborne House, 12 Mount Ephraim Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1EE. The cost of the game was £1.10 per pack including postage and packing. The game, designed for 2 players, consisted of 38 cards made up of 30 team crest cards (5 cards for each of 6 teams), 4 penalty cards, 2 offside cards and 2 goalkeeper cards. The makers 'gratefully acknowledge the help and assistance given to us by every club represented which has enabled us to produce this exciting game', which suggests that Kentalong did the right thing and contacted clubs to ask for permission to use their crests.The rules sheet states 'If you enjoyed playing this Kentalong card game why not form a League with your friends? If your favourite Club's Crest is not included in the game, please send a stamped addressed envelope to the address overleaf and we shall be pleased to advise you whether this Crest is available'. This suggests that the game came in different versions, with different Club Crests. The version I own has Arsenal, Brighton and Hove Albion, Charlton Athletic, Fulham, Millwall and Tottenham Hotspur. I'm also aware of Birmingham City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Everton, Liverpool, Luton Town, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Notts County, Oldham Athletic, Orient, Q.P.R., Sheffield United, Southampton, Stoke City and W.B.A. Presumably not every club gave their permission, and perhaps after a while Kentalong went out of business and didn't produce any more.

Number in set: 22 Club Crests, perhaps more?
Gallery: N/A
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Monty Gum
World Cup football

Unnumbered, poor quality cards on a cheap card with plain grey backs. The wrapper says 'Hannah's present'. The set is mainly of individual players, but also includes some team cards. The wrapper (shown) has some English text on the back which states:
'Join the Monty Club and order an album by sending 10 empty packets plus 50p in stamps. Address: Monty Club - POB 173 - Leiden, Holland'.

Number in set: 224
Gallery: N/A
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Euro Football 78

Euro Football 78. Another 'international' collection which was available in the U.K.

Number in set: 256
Gallery: N/A
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Football 78

The first ever Panini-production (not Top Sellers) designed solely for the U.K. market. In an introduction to the album David Gregory, Editor of Shoot Magazine states '...this album... ranks as the latest publication to join the elite amongst football publications'. The album states that information in the album was 'compiled up to date on 20 September 1977'.The collection was actually distributed by Minicards Ltd, of Regina House, Queen Street, London, as sole U.K. and Eire distributors of Figurine Panini.

The self-adhesive stickers came in packets costing 5p each. The album was printed in Italy.

Number in set: 525
Gallery: N/A
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Topps Chewing Gum (English)
Footballer (Red backs)

A set comprising individual footballers from the First and Second Divisions. One section of cards (Nos. 101 to 120) includes Club Histories. The cards have '© 1977 Topps Chewing Gum Inc.' printed on the back.

These cards also came in cellophane packets of two.

Number in set: 330
Gallery: N/A
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Topps Chewing Gum (Scottish)
Footballer (Yellow backs)

Topps stuck to the 132 card set, but got a bit lazy by including a number of Shoot Scottish All Stars. The number of teams is strange, thirteen, being the 10 teams in the Premier Division in 1976/77, plus promoted St. Mirren and Clydebank, plus third placed Dundee.

Number in set: 132
Galleries: Aberdeen (13) Ayr United (5), Celtic (13), Clydebank (7), Dundee (3), Dundee United (13), Hearts (11), Hibernian (11), Kilmarnock (3), Motherwell (8), Partick Thistle (9), Rangers (12), St. Mirren (7), Shoot Scottish All Stars and Checklist (17)
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