England's Soccer Stars

A set of 12 large and attractive cards issued in association with World Soccer magazine.

Number in set: 12
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Team of All Time 1971

A set of small, attractive, circular cards produced in association with World Soccer magazine. I'm not sure, but I suspect that these were given away a few at a time attached in a card (so that you had to remove the disks from the card).

Number in set: 36
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1st Division Football League Club Badges

These attractive badges are also available with the Lord Neilson and Mr Softee company names, however the Tonibell set is a year later than these two. The Tonibell set has Birmingham City and Norwich City (promoted at the end of the 1971/72 season) in place of the relegated Huddersfield Town and Nottingham Forest (with thanks to Mark for this information).

Number in set: 24
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