England Soccer Stars

A set of 24 postcards to be collected and stuck into the album, although only 12 of the postcards were ever known to have been issued. The album refers to the pictures as 'full-colour photographs' and suggests that 'cards and album will become a collector's item eagerly sought after in years ahead'. So are they cards, photographs or postcards? Your guess is as good as mine! The photographs have' © Major Sports (Leicester) on the front. The album was 'Printed in England'.

Set size: 12

Football Stars

A set of 50 cards depicting players from England and Scotland, issued in packets of Football Sweet Cigarettes. Similar to the 1974/75 series, except with blue writing on the reverse, and the date '1975-6'.

Number in set: 50
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist

FKS Publishers
Soccer Stars '75 '76

English First Division, Stars of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, European Team Pictures. It's no longer a 'Wonderful World', with the phrase gone from the title after 8 years, but the phrase 'Picture Stamp Album' is back on the front of the cover after a 3-year absence - hooray. The card experiment has been ditched in favour of the original sticker format. Album: Price 20p.

Number in set: 360
Packet: 7 stamps for 4p
Gallery: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Burnley, Coventry City, Derby County, Everton, Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield United, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Stars of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, European Teams.
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist
Special: FKS album gallery

Euro Soccer postcards

A new concept for FKS with postcards. Only 55 in the set, with 22 being English teams. You could buy postcards directly from FKS to make up your set at a price of 4p each. The album for these postcards is similar to the traditional FKS albums, where you were expected to stick the postcards into the album at the top only. The postcards have no specific markings on them to indicate where to glue, but the album spaces have instructions to 'Apply adhesive here only'. Album: Price 20p.

Number in set: 55
Packet: 2 postcards
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist
Special: FKS album gallery

IPC / Fleetway
Soccer Super Stars of Britain

The ultra-violent Action comic issue dated 28/02/1976 gave away these cards as a free gift. The front page of the comic states 'There are four sets of 16 players! Which set will you get?'. If I understand this correctly it is a strange way to give away football cards, and made it impossible to collect all 64 unless you bought at least four copies of the comic on the same day. You therefore don't often see these cards as a complete set.

The cards came as sheets of 16 players, folded neatly into a small orange packet.

Number in set: 64
Gallery: Set gallery
Checklists: Set checklist and Team checklist

Monty Gum
Football Now

Unnumbered, poor quality cards on a cheap card with plain grey backs. The quality control on the player and team names is also very suspect, with one card mentioning both the player and team name as 'Everton' (actually Terry Darracott). The QPR and Glasgow Rangers cards were printed with the word 'Football' in either red or yellow writing. The set is mainly of individual players, but also includes team cards. Only 12 teams are included, 11 from England plus Rangers from Scotland. While it might be reasonable to expect 16 cards from each team (15 players plus a team photo), the actual numbers vary with 20 for Rangers, 20 for Leicester City, 17 for QPR, 16 for Coventry, Derby, Everton, Manchester United and Newcastle, 15 for Ipswich, Leeds and Norwich, and only 13 for Middlesbrough. The cards were released in the UK through Hannah's of Johnstone. Each packet cost 3p and contained 7 cards.

Apparently there is no Manchester United team card. If you ever find one please let me know. I'm grateful to Oivind for his assistance with completing my checklists for this set.

Number in set: 193
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist

Top Sellers

A set of 100 large stickers with glued-backs. This set covers 'Superstars' from many fields of entertainment and sport, including Bill Bixby, Alice Cooper, Dad's Army, Tony Blackburn, Bjorn Borg, Evel Knievel etc.

Of interest to this website are six stickers with footballers:
1 - Brian Clough
65 - Derek Dougan
79 - Bobby Charlton
84 - Malcolm Allison
96 - Jackie Charlton
97 - Jimmy Hill

The stickers were printed in Italy by S.T.I.G. of Torino (Turin).

Number in set: 100
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: N/A

Football '76

A large set of stickers (no longer cards) featuring the First Division teams, plus some puzzle cards.  The stickers no longer have the player's name or biography on the back, just the card number.

The back of the cards states:
Published by Top Sellers Ltd.
135 Wardour St. - London W.1.

Printed in Italy by Panini 1975.

Number in set: 420
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: Set checklist
Special: Puzzle cards master index

Topps Chewing Gum (English)
Footballer (Red/grey backs)

A set comprising individual footballers from the First and Second Divisions. One section of cards includes a Great Britain Select Eleven. The cards have 'Topps Bazooka Limited' printed on the back.

Number in set: 220
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist

Topps Chewing Gum (Scottish)
Footballer (Blue backs)

An interesting first set from Topps, quite small at only 88 cards, and with a strange mix of teams (17 of the 18 teams from the 1974/75 Scottish Premier League, missing Airdrie) and players from teams (9 players from Clyde, but only 4 from Celtic). The cards are grey in colour, rather than white, which leads to these sometimes being called 'blue/grey backs'.

Number in set: 88
Galleries: Aberdeen (5), Arbroath (4), Ayr United (6), Celtic (4), Clyde (9), Dumbarton (2), Dundee (5), Dundee United (7), Dunfermline Athletic (4), Hearts (7), Hibernian (7), Kilmarnock (4), Morton (5), Motherwell (4), Partick Thistle (6), Rangers (6), St. Johnstone and Checklist (3)
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist
Notes: The images in this gallery have been kindly supplied by Tony's Football Cards website