Joe Mercer's Great Britain Soccer Squad 1971

Busts of 16 top players available from Cleveland Petrol outlets. As with most petrol giveaways you got these for buying petrol. The collection fitted into a black plastic display stand. The heads themselves are made of a very tough plastic but the stand is less durable. These 'heads' were very popular at the time, so you do find them still available in good condition, but excellent quality stands are hard to find.

Number in set: 16
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Golden Goals

Cleveland produced this series of 20 sticker sheets which were obtained from petrol stations each time you bought 3 gallons or £1 worth of petrol. Some of the sticker sheets had a single image, while others had multiple. The stickers could be stuck into a hardback album which was obtainable for only 20p.

The checklist below lists the 20 sticker sheets, which include 41 different numbered stickers.

Number in set: 41 stickers on 20 sticker sheets
Gallery: N/A
Checklist: Set checklist