A&BC Chewing Gum (English)

A set of 220 black and white cards in two series (1-110 and 111-220) issued in pairs, but most often seen as singles. The 2nd series differs in that the player name is printed on the front of the card. There are 8 checklist cards for the 1st series, all being parts of a picture of the 1966 England World Cup Winning Team. The 8 checklists from the 2nd series form a picture of the runners-up - West Germany.

The sets must have been produced in September 1966, since they include details of transfers which occurred early in the 1966/67 season e.g. Card 95 Colin Dobson but not October transfers e.g. Card 177 Dominic Sharkey.

Number in set: 220
Gallery: Series 1 (1-110), Series 2 (111-220)
Checklists: Series 1 (1-110), Series 2 (111-220), Team checklist
Special: Wrappers gallery

World Cup Footballer Stickers (also known as World Cup Stamps)

50 stickers/stamps sold by A&BC. These are very, very rare. For the price of 1d. you received a piece of bubble gum, plus one sticker.

Some stamps depict players (vertical), while others depict players and their teams (horizontal). Many thanks to one particular website visitor who contributed most of these images.

Number in set: 50
Gallery: Set gallery
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist
Special: Wrappers gallery

Promotional badges

Promotional badges. These badges include the text 'Featured in A&BC's Footballer Bubble Gum'. Douglas Coakley, one of original founders of A&BC Chewing Gum, tells me that the badges were produced as promotional items to giveaway at sales and marketing events to promote the bubble gum packs and football cards. He can't recall the exact dates, but the featured players strongly suggest the 1966 World Cup Squad. Originally throw-away items, these badges are now very collectable. They are surprisingly small, being 18mm or 0.7" diameter.

Number in set: 12
Gallery: Set gallery
Checklists: Set checklist, Team checklist
Special: Wrappers gallery

Barratt & Co.
Famous Footballers (Series A.14)

Another series of 50 attractively coloured sweet cigarette cards, issued by Barratt & Co Ltd, London. Cards printed in England.

Number in set: 50
Gallery: N/A
Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist

FKS Publishers
A Full Colour Picture Gallery of World Cup Stars

An album of colour pictures, not stickers, which is not marked as FKS but which is clearly the precursor to the FKS sticker sets. The image on the front of the album is the same as used for the 1974 and 1978 World Cup albums (see album gallery).The album was printed in Spain, but published in England by World Distributors of Manchester. Album price 2s 6d.

Two editions of this album are now known to exist. The first has the inside back page with spaces for you to fill in the results of the matches. However, a second edition has the results printed in these spaces, so clearly an edition produced after the tournament.

Number in set: 256
Gallery: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, North Korea, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, West Germany
Checklists: N/A
No packets

Famous Footballers

Following on from the tremendous sales experienced as a result of the 1966 World Cup and the 'World Cup Willie' sugar lollipops (see above) Sugosa designed and wholesaled packs of sweet cigarettes through the UK, which included these Famous Footballers cards. The football cards were supplied by a company who added Sugosa's name to the bottom of the cards, though the name of the production company has been lost over time. I suspect that it was the same company that manufactured for Barratt & Co if not Barratt itself.

Number in set: 12
Gallery: Set gallery

1.  Denis Law (Manchester United)
2.  Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
3.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
4.  Terry Paine (Southampton)
5.  Ian Callaghan (Liverpool)
6.  Tony Hateley (Chelsea)
7.  George Eastham (Stoke City)
8.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City)
9.  Roger Hunt (Liverpool)
10. Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
11. George Cohen (Fulham)
12. Peter Bonetti (Chelsea)

D. C. Thomson
The Hornet Gallery of Sport

These two giant posters were given away with the Hornet comic. They both fold out to large posters with many coloured images of teams and players.

No. 1 includes Gordon Banks, Denis Law, England's World Cup Squad, Hull City F.C., Glasgow Rangers F.C., Jim Clark (Motor Racing), Frank McLintock, West Ham's World Cup Trio, D. Temple, R.Wilson, A.Ball, Len Killeen (Rugby), Cassius Clay (Boxing), Manchester City F.C. and Southampton.

No. 2 includes Jim Baxter, Johnny Crossan, Sheffield Wednesday F.C., Celtic F.C., Everton F.C., Chelsea F.C., Leeds United F.C., J. Cruickshank, C. Shevland, D. Holt, Gary Sobers (Cricket), Walter McGowan (Boxing), George Eastham, Mike England, John Surtees (Motor Racing), George Best, Willie Henderson.

Number in set: 2

Tower Press
Famous Football Clubs

A very attractive set of reverse transfers from around 1966. Two sheets of 24 (Series 1 and 2) were produced ('Made in England') by T.P.

Roger Pashby, from Huddersfield Town Football Cards, has done some excellent detective work from the galleries to confirm the date as likely to be 1966/67. Here is Roger's logic, using webpages from the outstanding Historical Football Kits website:
1.  Huddersfield Town (Series 2) are wearing the blue shirt, dating it to 1966/67, 1967/68 or 1968/69.
2. The socks from Hull City (Series 2) confirm the date as between 1965 and 1968.
3.  Ipswich Town (Series 1) played in their blue shorts in 1965/66 and 1966/67, though HFK shows 1966/67 as white socks.
4.  Plymouth Argyle (Series 1) played in their full green strip from 1966 to 1968.

If you know anything about these, or had them as a kid, please email.

Number in set: 48
Gallery: Series 1, Series 2
Checklist: N/A

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