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Checklist: A&BC Gum - 1968/69 - Yellow backs, Series 1
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Set details

Series 2 checklist Team checklist
No. Feature Team
001 Checklist, Cards 1-54 West Bromwich Albion
002 Francis Burns Manchester United
003 Barry Bridges Birmingham City
004 Ron Rees West Bromwich Albion
005 James (Jimmy) Robertson Tottenham Hotspur
006 Ron Davies Southampton
007 Len Badger Sheffield United
008 Peter Shilton Leicester City
009 Ian Callaghan Liverpool
010 Frank McLintock Arsenal
011 William (Willie) Bell Leicester City
012 David Sadler Manchester United
013 Martin Peters West Ham United
014 Alan Gilzean Tottenham Hotspur
015 William (Willie) Morgan Burnley
016 John (Jackie) Sinclair Newcastle United
017 Peter Bonetti Chelsea
018 Ron Wylie Birmingham City
019 Mike Summerbee Manchester City
020 Robert (Bobby) Tambling Chelsea
021 Pat Jennings Tottenham Hotspur
022 Jack Charlton Leeds United
023 Willie Stevenson Stoke City
024 Mick Jones Leeds United
025 Peter Knowles Wolverhampton Wanderers
026 Gordon Banks Stoke City
027 James (Jim) Scott Newcastle United
028 Ramon (Ray) Wilson Everton
029 John Hollins Chelsea
030 Roger Morgan Queens Park Rangers
031 Chris Lawler Liverpool
032 Jimmy Gabriel Southampton
033 Gordon Harris Sunderland
034 Ernie Hunt Coventry City
035 Alan Mullery Tottenham Hotspur
036 Peter Osgood Chelsea
037 Len Glover Leicester City
038 Mike Keen Queens Park Rangers
039 Johnny (Budgie) Byrne Fulham
040 Alex Stepney Manchester United
041 Willie Carlin Sheffield United
042 Wyn Davies Newcastle United
043 George Graham Arsenal
044 George Best Manchester United
045 Robert (Bobby) Gould Arsenal
046 Tommy Smith Liverpool
047 Pat Crerand Manchester United
048 Mike Bailey Wolverhampton Wanderers
049 Robert (Bobby) Moore West Ham United
050 Andy Lochead Burnley
051 Peter Rodrigues Leicester City
052 Ron Yeats Liverpool
053 Charlie Cooke Chelsea
054 Jim McCalliog Sheffield Wednesday

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