59. Trevor Smith
Birmingham City and England
60. Andy McEvoy
Blackburn Rovers and Eire
61. Francis Lee
Bolton Wanderers 
62. Brian Miller
Burnley and England
63. Ken Shellito
Chelsea and England
64. John Parry
Derby County
65. Graham Leggatt
Fulham and Scotland
66. Kevin McHale
Huddersfield Town
67. Ian Lawson
Leeds United
68. Gordon Banks
Leicester City and England
69. Peter Thompson
Liverpool and England
70. David Sadler
Manchester United
71. Ollie Burton
Newcastle United and Wales
72. Colin Dobson
Sheffield Wednesday
73. Terry Paine
Southampton and England
74. Dennis Viollet
Stoke City and England
75. Bill Brown
Tottenham Hotspur and Scotland
76. Dick le Flem
Wolverhampton Wanderers
77. Mike Hellawell
Birmingham City and England
78. John Talbut
79. Ron Harris
80. Reg Matthews
Derby County and England
81. Ray Wood
Huddersfield Town and England
82. Gordon Milne
Liverpool and England
83. Maurice Setters
Manchester United
84. John Quigley
Nottingham Forest
85. Peter Dobing
Stoke City
86. Jimmy Greaves
Tottenham Hotspur and England
87. Michael England
Blackburn Rovers and Wales
88. Colin Appleton
Leicester City
89. Barry Thomas
Newcastle United
90. John Ritchie
Stoke City
91. John Giles
Leeds United and Eire
92. Tommy Bryceland
Norwich City
93. Ron Springett
Sheffield Wednesday and England
94. Martin Chivers
95. George Showell
Wolverhampton W. and England
96. Ian St. John
Liverpool and Scotland
97. George Kinnell
Stoke City
98. Dave Mackay
Tottenham Hotspur and Scotland
99. Chris Chilton
Hull City
100. Mike Stringfellow
Leicester City
101. Mike Everitt
Northampton Town
102. John Sleeuwenhoek
Aston Villa
103. Checklist
Preston North End - F. A. Cup Finalists 1964