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Set maker: Ty-Phoo Tea
Set details: 1963/64 Famous Football Clubs, Series 1, premium issues
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Back row: Vic Groves, Alan Skirton, Billy McCullough, Laurie Brown, Jack McClelland, Bob Wilson, Geoff Strong, John Snedden, Dave Bacuzzi

Front row: David Court, Terry Neill, Joe Baker, Fred Clarke, John Barnwell, John MacLeod, George Eastham, Eddie Magill, George Armstrong

Arsenal last played outside of the First Division in 1915. However the early 60s were not happy times for the team, and they continued to struggle through the decade, making the 1970/71 League and Cup double even more remarkable.

Laurie Brown transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in February 1964. John Barnwell was transferred from Arsenal to Nottingham Forest in March 1964. Dave Bacuzzi transferred to Manchester City in April 1964.

Aston Villa

Back row: Gordon Lee, Cammie Fraser, Alan Deakin, Nigel Sims, Charlie Aitken, John Sleeuwenhoek

Front row: Alan Baker, Bobby Thomson, Tony Hateley, Phil Woosnam, Harry Burrows

Aston Villa were in the First Division for almost all of their history from 1889 until their first ever relegation in 1935/36. Their stay in the Second Division lasted only two years before they were back in the First. At the end of the 1958/59 season they were related again, this time only needing one season before promotion back to the top flight. In their relegation season they made it through to the F.A. Cup semi-finals, a feat they repeated the following year from the Second Division.

Bobby Thomson was transferred from Villa to neighbours Birmingham City in September 1963, suggesting that this may have been an early season photo.

Back row: Roy Gratrix, Ray Charnley, Tony Waiters, Bill Cranston, Barrie Martin

Front row: Les Lea, Pat Quinn, Jimmy Armfield, John McPhee, Bruce Crawford, Des Horne

Blackpool enjoyed a prolonged stay in the First Division from 1938 until 1967. They made the final of the F.A. Cup in 1948 and 1951, going on to win the Cup in 1953.

Pat Quinn came to Blackpool from Scotland, and stayed only one year before a transfer to Hibs in late 1963. Barrie Martin was transferred to Oldham Athletic in August 1964.
Bristol Rovers

Back row: Geoff Bradford, Doug Hillard, Bernard Hall, Gwyn Jones, Ray Mabbutt

Centre row: Mr Tann (Manager), Wally McArthur (Trainer), Dave Bumpstead, Terry Oldfield, Norman Sykes, Mike Davis, David Stone, Campbell (Coach)

Front row: Harold Jarman, Bobby Jones, Alfie Biggs, Ian Hamilton, Brian Jenkins

Bristol Rovers were formed in 1883, and elected to the Football League in 1920. In their time they have never made it to the First Division, their best finishes being 6th in the Second Division in 1955/56 and 1958/59. In 1958 they made it through to the 6th round of the F.A. Cup.

Norman Sykes was transferred to Plymouth Argyle in September 1964.


Back row: Mr Potts (Manager), John Talbut, Brian Miller, Adam Blacklaw, Alex Elder, Jimmy Robson, John Angus

Front row: John Connelly, Andy Lochhead, Jimmy Adamson, Ray Pointer, Willie Irvine, Gordon Harris

Burnley have an excellent record in the First Division, including the 1920/21 Championship. After spending much of the 1930s in the Second Division they returned to the First in 1947 and then enjoyed a prolonged spell in the top flight until 1970/71. They won the First Division Championship in 1959/60, then finished 4th, 2nd and 3rd in the following three seasons. In 1962 they lost the F.A. Cup Final.

John Connelly was transferred from Burnley to Manchester United in April 1964.

Cardiff City

Back row: Gareth Williams, Graham Vearncombe, Barry Hole

Centre row: Ron Stitfall, John Charles, Dick Scott, Trevor Edwards

Front row: Alan McIntosh, Derek Tapscott, Ivor Allchurch, Peter King

Cardiff City were promoted back to the First Division at the end of the 1959/60 season, and stayed until two seasons until relegated in 1962. After winning the F.A. Cup in 1927 they have failed to make it past Round 5 ever since.

John Charles returned from Roma to play for Cardiff City in August 1963.


Back row: Eddie McCreadie, Alan Harris, Peter Bonetti, John Mortimore, Ron Harris, Terry Venables

Front row: Bert Murray, Jimmy Mulholland, Bobby Tambling, Graham Moore, Frank Blunstone, Ken Shellito

Chelsea spent most of the first 60 years of the 20th century in the First Division, culminating in their first Championship in 1955. After that season they struggled, ending with relegation in 1962. They were promoted back again the following season.

Graham Moore was transferred to Manchester United in November 1963.


Back row: Alex Hamilton, Bobby Cox, Bert Slater, Bobby Seith, George Ryden, Alex Stuart

Front row: Andy Penman, Doug Houston, Alan Cousin, Alan Gilzean, Hugh Robertson

With the exception of two seasons (1938/39 and 1946/47) Dundee spent all of their first 80 years in the Scottish First Division. They were Champions in 1961/62.

Alan Gilzean was transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in December 1964 for 72,500 (although by the look of his knees in this photo you wonder that he passed the medical!).


Back row: Alex Young, Jimmy Gabriel, Alex Scott, Alex Parker, Gordon West, George Heslop, Brian Labone, Mick Meagan, Tony Kay

Front row: Brian Harris, Ray Veall, Derek Temple, Roy Vernon, Dennis Stevens, Billy Bingham, Morrissey

Everton are one of the almost ever-present teams in the top flight, with a number of First Division Championships. They spent three seasons in the Second Division in the early fifties, and then struggled back in the First Division for a number of seasons. Things started to improve in 1960/61 when they finished 5th, followed by 4th in 1961/62 and then the Championship in 1962/63.

Billy Bingham left Everton to join Port Vale in August 1963. Mick Meagan left Everton to join Huddersfield Town in July 1964.
Heart of Midlothian

Back row: Willie Hamilton, Roy Barry, Willie Polland, Billy Higgins, Jim Cruickshank, Alan Gordon, John Cumming, Chris Shevlane, Davie Holt

Front row: Mr T. Walker, OBE (Manager/Secretary), Johnny Hamilton, Norrie Davidson, Danny Ferguson, Danny Paton, Tommy Traynor, Willie Wallace, Harvey (Trainer)

In the first 100 years of their history Hearts were never out of the top flight of Scottish First Division, suffering the indignity only after the introduction of the Premier League in 1977. They were Champions in 1957/58 and 1959/60.

Huddersfield Town

Back row: John Bettany, Dennis Atkins, Chris Balderstone, Ray Wood, Peter Dinsdale, Ray Wilson, John Coddington

Front row: Kevin McHale, Len White, Derek Stokes, Les Massie, Mike O'Grady

Huddersfield Town enjoyed a long spell in the First Division until relegation in 1951/52. They were promoted back again the following season, managing a third place finish in the top flight in 1954. However, by the end of the 1955/56 season they were relegated again, this time destined for a longer spell in the Second Division.

Ray Wilson left Huddersfield in July 1964 to join Everton.

Leeds United

Back row: Grenville Hair, Paul Reaney, Gary Sprake, Jack Charlton, Willie Bell, Norman Hunter

Front row: Tommy Henderson, Albert Johanneson, Jim Storrie, Bobby Collins, Billy Bremner

Leeds United spent the early years of the 1950s in the top half of the Second Division, finally securing promotion in 1955/56. They lasted four seasons before relegation. It was another four seasons before they were promoted again. In their first season back, in1965 under Don Revie, they achieved a second place League finish in Division One and lost the F.A. Cup Final to Liverpool to begin a spectacular run for a brilliant team.

Leicester City

Back row: Richie Norman, Ian King, John Sjoberg, Gordon Banks, Ken Keyworth, Billy McDerment, Max Dougan

Centre row: Jimmy Walsh, Howard Riley, Davie Gibson, Mr Gillies (Manager), Terry Heath, Jimmy Goodfellow, Mike Stringfellow

Front row: Colin Appleton, Len Chalmers, Frank McLintock, Graham Cross

Leicester City struggled through the 1950s in the Second Division, finally winning promotion in 1954 after a tight season. They were relegated straight back down the following season. Two seasons later they were back again in the top flight, though struggled in the bottom half of the table for a number of seasons before a creditable 6th place finish in 1961 coupled with an F.A. Cup Final loss, and then a 4th place finish in 1963, again losing the F.A. Cup Final that year.

Terry Heath was transferred to Hull City in May 1964.

Manchester United

Back row: Crompton (Trainer), Nobby Stiles, Shay Brennan, Noel Cantwell, Maurice Setters, Tony Dunne, Bill Foulkes, Pat Crerand

Front row: Harry Gregg, Johnny Giles, Albert Quixall, David Herd, Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, Dave Gaskell

Similar to their results today, Manchester United were dominant in the 1950s, never finishing outside of the top 10, and securing three Championships and two F.A. Cup Final victories. They began to struggle in 1961/62, finishing 15th, then narrowly avoided relegation with a 19th place finish in 1963 (though in that same season they defeated Leicester City to win the F.A. Cup). In 1963/64 they were back on form with a second place finish in the League, followed by the Championship in 1965.

Johnny Giles was transferred from Manchester United to Leeds United in August 1963.

Back row: Bryan Orritt, Billy Horner, Gordon Jones

Centre row: Ray Yeoman, Mick McNeil, Mel Nurse, Des McPartland, Neville Chapman, Cyril Knowles

Front row: Arthur Kaye, Ian Gibson, Peacock, Harris, Braithwaite

Cyril Knowles was transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in May 1964. Mick McNeil was transferred to Ipswich Town in July 1964.

Newcastle United

Back row: John McGrath, Bill McKinney, Ollie Burton, Dick Keith, Gordon Marshall, Bill Thompson, Jim Iley, George Dalton

Front row: Alan Suddick, Barrie Thomas, Dave Hilley, Willie Penman, Ron McGarry, Colin Taylor

After a brief period in the Second Division either side of WWII Newcastle resumed their impressive performances in the First Division. They finished 4th in 1949, 5th in 1950 and 4th in 1951. They won the F.A. Cup in 1951, 1952 and 1955. From 1955/56 onwards they began to struggle, culminating in relegation in 1961. They won promotion back to the First Division in 1964/65.

Ollie Burton joined Newcastle from Norwich City in June 1963. Gordon Marshall joined from Hearts at the same time, as did Colin Taylor from Walsall.

Norwich City

Back row: Phil Kelly, Bryan Thurlow, Ken Hill, Barry Butler, Kevin Keelan, Colin Metcalf, Freddie Sharpe, Joe Mullett

Centre row: Ally Miller, Gerry Mannion, Jim Conway, Terry Allcock, Jim Oliver, Bill Punton

Front row: Tommy Bryceland, Jackie Bell

Having spent most of their history in the Third Division (South) Norwich found themselves at the bottom of that League in 1957. In 1958/59 they made it through to the F.A. Cup semi-final, and finished 4th in the newly formed Third Division. Norwich finished 2nd, with promotion to Division Two in 1959/60, then finished 4th in their first ever season in Division Two in 1960/61. Heady days indeed!

Ken Hill joined Norwich City from Walsall in July 1963 at the same as Kevin Keelan joined from Wrexham and Freddie Sharpe from Tottenham.
Nottingham Forest

Back row: Joe Wilson, Jeff Whitefoot, Bob McKinlay, Peter Grummitt, John Winfield, Dennis Mochan

Front row: Trevor Hockey, Colin Addison, Frank Wignall, John Quigley, Dick Le Flem

After a poor start to the 1950s in Division Three (South), Forest made it back to the top flight in 1957. In 1959 they won the F.A. Cup, but struggled in the First Division, narrowly avoiding relegation in 1960 and again in 1962.

Frank Wignall joined Forest from Everton in June 1963. Trevor Hockey left Nottingham Forest in November 1963 to join Newcastle United.

Back row: Bobby Shearer, Eric Caldow, Harold Davis, Dave Provan, Billy Ritchie, Ron Mackinnon (McKinnon), John Greig, Jim Baxter

Front row: Mr Symon (Manager), Willie Henderson, George McLean, Ian McMillan, Jimmy Millar, Ralph Brand, Davie Wilson, Kinnear (Trainer)

Rangers have never not been in the top flight of Scottish football. In their first 100 years of history they have never finished lower than 6th. They won the Championship in 1950, 1953, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1961, 1963 and 1964.
Rotherham United

Back row: Mr Williams (Manager), Roy Lambert, Frank Casper, Dave Carver, Roy Ironside, Peter Madden, Ray Lancaster, Ian Butler, Wilson (Trainer)

Front row: Jimmy Blain, Alan Kirkman, Albert Bennett, John McCole, Ken Houghton, Norman Ashe

Meaning no disrespect to Rotherham United fans, I'm not exactly sure what they are doing amongst these Famous Football Clubs. Perhaps someone associated with Ty-Phoo was on their Board at the time? Rotherham enjoyed a good run in the Second Division from 1951/52 until 1967/68, with 1954/55 being their pinnacle when they missed out on promotion to the First Division on goal average when the three top teams all finished on 54 points.

Jimmy Blain left Rotherham to join Carlisle United in April 1964.

Back row: Martin Chivers, George Kirby, Tony Godfrey, Tommy Traynor, Cliff Huxford

Centre row: Ian White, Stuart Williams, Norman Dean, Tony Knapp, Ken Wimshurst, Ron Davies, Gallagher (Trainer)

Front row: John McGuigan, Terry Paine, George O'Brien, Dave Chadwick, Mr Bates (Manager), Denis Hollywood, Dave Burnside, John Sydenham, Harry Penk

Southampton has languished in the lower Divisions for much of their history, making the top flight for the first time in 1966. They played in the old Third Division (South), then the new Third Division, topping the League table in 1959/60 to gain promotion to the Second Division. In 1963 they lost to Manchester United in the F.A. Cup semi-final.

John McGuigan joined Southampton in August 1963 from Scunthorpe United. George Kirby left Southampton to join Coventry City in March 1964.
Tottenham Hotspur

Back row: Peter Baker, Maurice Norman, Bill Brown, Danny Blanchflower, Ron Henry, Dave Mackay

Front row: Cliff Jones, John White, Bobby Smith, Jimmy Greaves, Terry Dyson

Tottenham were Champions of the Second Division in 1949/50, then Champions of the First Division the following season. The famously won the League and F.A. Cup double in 1961, then followed it up with an F.A. Cup win in 1962. A great period in this club's history.

Bobby Smith transferred to Brighton and Hove Albion in May 1964. John White was tragically killed in July 1964 while sheltering on a golf course during a lightning storm.

West Bromwich Albion

Back row: Ken Foggo, Terry Simpson, Stan Jones, Ray Potter, Bobby Cram, Graham Williams

Front row: John Kaye, Ron Fenton, Don Howe, Clive Clark, Bobby Hope

Mascot: David Winwood

W.B.A. have tended to move between the First and Second Divisions through their history, though more in the First than the Second. They won the F.A. Cup in 1954, finishing second in the League the same year. They finished 4th, 5th and 4th in the three seasons from 1957/58 to 1959/60.

Don Howe was transferred to Arsenal in April 1964.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Back row: Peter Broadbent, John Kirkham, Dave Woodfield, Fred Davies, Jimmy Murray, Ted Farmer, Gerry Harris

Centre row: Gardiner (Trainer), Terry Wharton, Bobby Thomson, Ron Flowers, Chris Crowe, Alan Hinton, George Showell, Mr Cullis (Manager)

Seated on ground: Freddie Goodwin, Barry Stobart

Wolves were First Division Champions in 1954, runners-up in 1955, Champions again in 1958 and 1959. They came second again in 1960 as well as winning the F.A. Cup. A truly formidable team.

Jimmy Murray transferred to Manchester City in November 1963. Alan Hinton moved to Nottingham Forest in January 1964. Wolves were relegated from the First Division in 1965.