Welcome to this website dedicated to English and Scottish football cards and stickers, mainly covering the seasons 1965/66 to 1979/80. This period saw a range of cards, stickers and other memorabilia designed to attract the attention of young boys, myself included. These cards are now quite collectable, and occasionally valuable. This website is designed to help nostalgia buffs re-live some of the memories, and/or to assist collectors in identifying and cataloguing their collections.

Use the menus at the top of the screen to choose where to go next. The menu options will take you to more details of the cards and, where available, to galleries of the cards. Some of the galleries also include special features to add to your recollections of these great teams and players. There are also many 'extras' to add to your enjoyment. If you can assist with the accuracy or details of this site, or if you want to provide images or feedback, please use Contact / help to send me an email. I hope that you enjoy the site.

From 1998 until 2023 this website was designed, built and maintained by Nigel Mercer. The website is now being run by Tor Henrik von der Ohe who will continue to develop and enhance it over time, and will be the email contact. Search my site:

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